NPL Success Stories

Success Story 1: H&S leadership Development

NPL placed their crews onto one of Auckland’s Major Projects. Our workers were inducted onto the site with baseline health and safety knowledge. The supervisors lacked  management skills. The baseline health and safety knowledge was significantly improved through training interventions. NPL Training team approached the job-site with health and safety training, building NPL’s crew’s competencies and enhancing their knowledge base.

The training ensured that all NPL workers on site understood and knew how to do a Task Analysis in order to avoid further incidents. The supervisors were further trained on how to do daily Pre-starts and have effective Tool Box Meetings. This training initiative and focus on Health & Safety training brought the team together to deliver effectively on site.

To facilitated team meetings, pre-starts, Health and Safety discussions  NPL put a PORTACOM on the job-site for the NPL workers.

With further training provided,  the supervisors were able to lead and manage workers better.  One of NPL supervisors on the job-site is supervising half of the major project job-site and workers. This supervisor now can lead and manage a large job-site if given the opportunity. NPL generates Leaders through training, team engagement and building positive team spirit.

[PICS to come]

Success Story 2: Power Tool Operations Training

NPL workers utilise Power Tools everyday on job-sites. NPL Training team visited a major project site and identified the requirements to up-skill workers knowledge and skills on power tools especially Skill Saw and Angle Grinder.

During this on-site up-skill training, NPL Trainers ensured that all NPL Labourers had sufficient practical instructions and hands on training on power tools, in order to assess their competencies.

The practical training completed with the workers being assessed on their competencies of safely operating the skill saw, angle grinder, and dyna drill. A key success for that job-site is that our workers have completed the training and came out competent on the above-mentioned power tools.

Success Story 3: Customised Practical Skills Training

With Saturday, the only available day for training workers from one of our Major Projects, NPL Training team conducted a One-Day Training Program at Horotiu Quarry, Hamilton. This training was in two fields – Civil and Building.

Training was carried out in three stages – stage 1 – CRAWL, stage 2 – WALK, and stage 3 – RUN. The program was designed to allow workers to study, demonstrate and practice, and being assessed on Simulated Real-time Construction Labour Job Site. These labouring tasks included:

  1. Sweeping and Cleaning;
  2. Lift and Carrying and Stacking; and
  3. Concrete Demolition Break.

NPL Trainers further demonstrated to the workers the safe and proper way to use and maintain power tools such as skills saw, angle grinder, dyna drill, concrete breaker. This training is one of the methods that NPL Training ensures that workers are competent and can do the job effectively. Especially our new workers coming on board!

[PICS to come]