Health & Safety

NPL is committed to the management of the health and safety of their workers.

NPL provides workers to “host” companies who instruct our workers in their daily tasks. These worker’s remain National Personnel’s employees and as such it is our duty to ensure their safety at work.

NPL carries out competency assessments to ensure the workers have the required competency to do the job.

Competency Assessments

NPL strives to bridge the gap between their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. We implement an
industry leading competency framework and employ SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) to verify
competency assessments on each of our employees. From this verification, we are able to execute a
GAP analysis to highlight gaps to bridge.


How Do We Bridge the Gap?

NPL Training has strengthened NPL’s competency assessment ability and through our training company
we are able to identify the gaps in competencies and provide training to those who require it.

With this Competency Verification, NPL strengthens its Health & Safety commitments.  NPL is further able to provide their clients a pool of candidates that they can use to assign tasks with confidence.


Success Story from South Island

One of our workers on a major project as a Supervisor in the South Island. He and other NPL workers have played an important role in maintaining high standards of both Health & Safety and Quality for the client throughout the Project.