About Our Training

Pre-Entry Training Programmes

We all know it’s getting harder and harder to get a job in the primary industries, infrastructure, forestry & mining. New Health and safety regulations ensure the “days of hiring people off the street” is becoming a welcome thing of the past. NPL’s new training unit offers a range of pre-entry programmes and modules that arms new entrants with the right skills and qualifications to gain a great start and begin a career in primary industries.

Customised Training Linked to Employment Outcomes

Part of the NPL group consists of National Personnel Limited – an industry leader in Infrastructure staffing and recruitment services with branches and networks located throughout New Zealand. We have a team of awesome Recruitment managers working hard Nationwide connecting our employees with industry & jobs. These massive networks and industry relationships can assist all our trainees into employment opportunities that others can only “dream about”. Our specialist recruiters are perfectly positioned to assist with post training placements and able to offer the industry highly motivated, reliable and hungry new cadets to make huge difference on construction projects.


Customised Training – Growing the Future of the Industry

We have all heard it many times before that quality Training is often the key to a successful organisation, well National Personnel are taking this to a new level and establishing our own specialised training unit. The Unit will focus on lifting the skills and qualifications of our all employees and develop and offer a range of “high quality” “industry specific” training programmes aimed at bringing new “blood’ into the industry and ensuring they are armed with the right skill levels and qualifications to be safe, productive and valued employees in the Infrastructure industry.